Friday, December 14, 2007

Maldivian parties form National Alliance

Maldivian political parties comprising the Maldivian Democratic Party, Islamic Democratic party of Maldives, National Maldivian Movement and SLP of Maldives have established a political party called the National Unity Alliance to protect the democratic rights of the people and to restore harmony and peace in the country, Dr. Ahmed Shaheed the representative of Maldivian Democratic Party said yesterday.

A new constitution will be introduced without jeopardizing stability of the nation to formulate a democratic environment within the country.

He said more than 95 per cent of the Maldivian population are frustrated with Mahmoor Abdul Gayum’s Government. Everybody’s desire is to establish a new democratic Government putting end to the 35 year sole governance of President Abdul Gayyum. Gayyum has been elected as the President for the 7th consecutive time.

Addressing the media at Hotel Hilton Dr. Shaheed said that The National Unity Alliance hopes to enlist the support of People of Maldives and the support of the members of the People’s Special Majlis Government of National Unity.

He said that National Unity Government must be established upon coming into force of the new constitution to govern the nation during the transitional period leading to the first Presidential and Parliamentary elections under the new constitution and assumption of duties by those elected.

Shaheed said that the new constitution will come into force within one month from the date of its adoption by the People’s Special Majlis. The existing constitution of 1998 shall be repealed upon the entry into force of new constitution.

Asin Mohammed and Sh. Hussain Rasheed from Adhal Party, Dr. Mohammed and Mohammed Nasheed from Maldivian Democratic Party and several others spoke.

Source: Daily News

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Ca said...

I donn support Gayum.

But, i think even the national allience, majority have lost ethics or morality and none possess a charisma to lead a nation.

We need to build people. Fight for education, before we can do anything at all.