Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Human Rights Commission Releases Salah Report

Maldives police have told an independent inquiry, “procedure” meant a suicidal detainee suffering from heroin withdrawal symptons was released on to the streets of Male' late at night, two days journey from his family and home.

The body of that detainee, Hussein Salah, was found floating in Malé’s harbour, less than thirty six hours later. A seven month investigation by the Human Rights Commission has rejected claims by Salah’s family that police beat their relative to death. But “there is not enough evidence to say for certain Solah was [ever] released from custody,” the report has found.

The one hundred and eighteen page document shows police consistently flouted regulations during Salah’s detention, while senior officers' statements to the commission directly contradict each other. [Read More on Minivan News]


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