Sunday, December 23, 2007

11th MEU medical personnel treat patients, train with doctors in Maldives

Medical personnel from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), concluded medical and dental treatment for hundreds of residents of the Foammulah Atoll, Maldives here today.

Doctors and corpsmen from Combat Logistics Battalion 11, 11th MEU (SOC), provided dental and eye surgery, medical awareness and advanced life support classes to the Maldivians from Dec. 12-20.

The MEU medical personnel treated 180 dental patients, pulled a total of 253 teeth and the optometrists saw 265 patients and performed 12 eye surgeries, according to Lt. Elizabeth Skorey, the CLB-11 medical planner. In addition to the patient treatment, the medical team trained 108 Maldivian medical personnel in advanced trauma and advance cardiac life support and 15 Maldives National Defence Force medics in the combat lifesavers course.

Skorey said the time spent on the atoll, though demanding, was very rewarding for the medical personnel involved.

“Everyone that we encountered was very nice and excited that we were there,” said Skorey, a San Jose, Calif. native. “The patients our medical team treated said they were happy with our care which makes it worthwhile.”

The medical team also visited a local high school and taught the students basic dental hygiene to prevent dental problems in the future. Skorey said the students welcomed them and were eager to learn.

Because of the general hospitality of the people and their enthusiasm to learn, Skorey said she hopes that Marines and sailors continue to visit the Maldives in the future.

“I think they really want us to come back,” she said. “And that’s good because it is definitely a place that other medical teams should visit if they have the chance.”

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Source: Marine Corps News

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