Tuesday, March 30, 2010

President supports Guin Batten’s attempt to cross the Zero Degree Channel solo

President Mohamed Nasheed has extended his support for Olympic rower Guin Batten’s attempt to cross the Zero Degree Channel (Addoo Kandu) in the Maldives solo.

Ms Batten began her attempt in a standard coastal rowing boat to be the first person to cross the 60 kilometre wide Zero Degree Channel solo in a rowing boat, today. She will make the cross using a standard coastal single sculling boat that is 6 metres long, 78 centimetres wide and weighs 35 kilograms. She is expected to complete feat on 2 April.

Objectives of the crossing include raising international awareness of the threat of climate change on the Maldives, and supporting and increasing the profile of rowing especially women’s rowing in the Maldives.

Wishing Ms Batten success in her crossing, President Nasheed said this attempt in the Maldives by a world renowned athlete from a friendly country was a glaring example of the Ms Batten’s and the international community’s support for the development of women of this country.

Guin Batten won an Olympic silver medal at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. In 2003 she also broke the world record for crossing the English Channel.

Source: http://www.presidencymaldives.gov.mv

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