Sunday, March 28, 2010

Maldives’ donor conference begins: Nearly 40 donors to help prop up Maldives’ economy

The Maldives’ donor conference kicked off today, with nearly 40 donors now poised to inject funds to the country’s economy, grappling a budget crisis.

The two day conference, bringing together a total of 40 countries and international agencies will be held at the Bandos Island Resort and Spa.

“Countries and international agencies that have confirmed attendance number 40 including the US, EU middles eastern and neighbouring countries,” Press Secretary to the President’s office, Mohamed Zuhair told the Asian Tribune.

“About 80 delegates are already in town,” he said.

Zuhair said the conference is “very important for the economy as the government is seeking donor assistance to alleviate the budget deficit.”

He said it will also “help Public Sector Investment programmes with short term goals of 3 years.”

However, he refused to predict on the amount of the donor funds the country will get.

“How much may be pledged by donors would be clear at the end of the conference Tuesday,” Zuhair added.

President Mohamed Nasheed is scheduled to address the conference.


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