Friday, March 26, 2010

Top 12 reasons to visit Maldives

Maldives is made of 800 islands and this goes to make it a more beautiful place. The local folk are called Maldivians and the closest city to this place, Male, is lovely!

Dhivehi is the spoken language throughout Maldives. It has its roots in old South Asian languages, intermingling with Arabic, Hindi and English words.

Maldives has a very high literacy rate - 98%, to be precise. English was introduced as the medium of instruction in most schools in the 1960s, while Dhivehi is still the language used for the overall administration.

The food there is very tropical and island-like but it’s very good. One thing you might like are the chillies you get here. They are so hot and the ‘chilliest’ that you have got to get some back home. Trust me, they are nothing like what you’ve eaten before.

If you are a water person, Maldives is the place to be. Snorkelling or diving are fun options.

Reef and wreck diving are the experiences to kill for. They havediving schoolswhere you can avail of courses on diving. It’s something I would recommend to all.

Shopping is definitely not the highlight of the place. The closest place is Male and if you would need to buy anything you must go there.

Every resort has its own vegetation and one resort in every island who is reponsible for everything from the sewage to the food. The best part is, you get to learn so much from the people here as they go about explaining the history and topography of the place.

If you’ve got the adventurous streak in you then this is the place to be in. They say you don’t see that much life on earth as much as you get to see withing 15 minutes of being underwater.

Sharks, star fishes you name them and you have it here.

How about an underwater eating experience? Eight meters under the water there is this restaurant where you can actually sit and dine as you watch the fish. An experience on its own for sure!

Island hopping is something one should definitely try since one island does not look like the other, plus one is never enough so every time it is like you’re visiting a new place.

The accomodation is unique and spa treatments (after a day of diving and underwater experiences), are something you will look forward to.


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