Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Taxi drivers strike in Maldives paradise

Taxi drivers are on strike in the Maldives, but that may have little effect on the reputed paradise since the longest road there measures just one mile (1.6 kilometres), a local news agency said.

The archipelago's 575 taxi services halted Sunday amid demands for lower gasoline prices, the private Haveeru agency said.

Drivers complained that the fare to any point on the tiny coral island is only 15 rufiya or 1.17 dollars.

The narrow streets were "peaceful" without taxis, the report said.

"I walked to work today and it took me just 10 minutes to get there," a secretary identified only as Aisha told Haveeru.

"Actually, we do not really need taxis," she said.

Over 100,000 people live packed in an area of less than one square mile on the capital island.

The Maldives -- 1,192 coral outcrops scattered across the equator -- is South Asia's most expensive tourist destination.

The 369,000 population enjoy the region's highest per capita income of over 2,300 dollars.

Source: The National

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