Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunny side of life “The Maldives” Hits Australia

The Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) once again hit L’Aqua in Sydney on Monday, bringing a team of suppliers and wholesalers with them in an effort to draw more tourists to the Maldives.

While much of the tourism in the Maldives comes from Europe, many of the suppliers and wholesalers hoped to attract a large Australian market. Already, the number of people who attended the on Monday was an increase from last year’s exhibition. Many suppliers and wholesalers also commented that the reaction from the Australian market at the Perth exhibition was also incredibly positive.

MTPB official, Abudalla Naim, commented on the MTPB’s hopes of increasing tourism in the area. He revealed that already, another 50 islands have been dedicated towards attracting more tourism and are planning to be ready in 2 to 3 years.

Naim also commented on the appeal of the Maldives to the Australian society, saying that it is not only attracting honeymooners now but also tourists seeking adventure as well as families hoping to spend time together on their holidays.

The roadshow included representatives from ClubMed, Wildlife Safari and Creative Holidays.

AAA Hotels are launching two new upmarket island resorts, Midhufushi and Filitheyo, which offer pure relaxation and escape from daily stress. Their resorts also include private access, for guests who desire a more intimate and secluded accommodation.

Other representatives included Sun Travel & Tours which launched their products that have been specially catered for their male residents. This includes a Gentlemen’s lounge, martial arts lessons, water sport activities and a giant trampoline.

Six Senses Resorts & Spas also provides for the more environmentally conscious travelers, with plans to be carbon free by 2008 and zero emission free by 2010. The resort also uses solar power and desalination to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Their resorts also feature a private swimming area for each guest and a sundeck.

While the 2004 tsunami devastated parts of the Maldives which forced many resorts to rebuild and tourism numbers dropped, Naim says it is now a thing of the past and that the future for Maldives’ tourism industry is now brighter than ever. And judging by the large turnout on Monday, it seems that he was right.

Source: E-Travel Blackboard

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