Monday, June 18, 2007

MTPB organized Road Shows in three major cities in Australia

Maldives held road shows in Perth on 31st May, in Melbourne on 4th June and in Sydney on 6th June. It was the first road show to be held in Australia by MTPB. The main objective of the road show was to diversifying into Australian market and also to try new ways of promoting Maldives as a destination for Australian visitors.

There were a total of 130 attendees in Perth, 110 in Sydney and 79 in Melbourne. The attendees included tour wholesalers, travel agents and media. 10 Suppliers from Maldives participated while 10 wholesalers exhibited from Austrlia who currently sell Maldives.

Australians made up 1.3 per cent of the visitors to the Maldives upto April of this year. A total of 6,892 visitors from Australia visited Maldives last year which is a growth of 35.5% compared to 2005.

Source: MTPB

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