Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vice President says President Nasheed runs “one man show”

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Waheed has accused President Mohamed Nasheed of running a “one man show” saying it was no different to that of President Gayoom’s regime.

The “way we function in [this] government is not too different to what it used to be. It’s still one man running the show,” Dr. Waheed was quoted as saying in Minivan news.

However he assured he was “not picking issues” with the government, but “talking about democratic process,” it said.

Dr. Waheed initially expressed his dissatisfaction with the government in the first ever talk show of Hoonu Gondi (Hot Seat) on 12 April, on VTV.

He said then that “he was in the government not because he is happy with it.”

And his bombshell comments of dissatisfaction with the government in which he holds a key post, were totally unexpected and is not going augur well for the Nasheed administration.

Later, Minivan news quoted Dr. Waheed as saying that he is “not sufficiently involved in the decision making process” of the government.

“I don’t feel I am able to contribute, that consultation is not there,” Dr. Waheed has said according to Minivan news.

He said “it was the president’s privilege not to consult him on everything,” still he thought the core of a democratic government should be “more inclusive and participative.”


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