Monday, April 26, 2010

European airports find it hard to clear passenger backlog

Flights have resumed to Europe from all countries, although backlogs are still causing trouble.

With no respite in sight for hundreds of stranded passengers, the backlog is proving to be almost insurmountable for airline companies.

In Britain, BA has asked its passengers to consider giving up seats so the thousands of people still stranded after the volcanic ash disruption can get home.

Virgin Atlantic has made the same request and has said many such volunteers have already contacted the airline so it can make existing ticket holders a priority.

British airspace reopened on Tuesday following almost a week of grounded flights, leaving thousands of people stuck in unfamiliar circumstances.

During the weekend BA will put on more flights to bring people home from holiday destinations such as New York, the Maldives, Antigua/St Kitts, Barbados, Johannesburg, Dubai, Sharm El Sheikh, Mumbai, Bangkok and Hong Kong.


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