Thursday, April 15, 2010

UN to give $40.6m to Maldives

United Nations and Maldives Government have signed the agreement on the USD 40.6 million, as pledged during the donor conference. The agreement was signed at a special ceremony held at Ministry of Finance and Treasury. The assistance would be utilized in Maldives efforts to achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and to achieve the goals in the Maldives Strategic Action Plan. Of the USD 40.6 million, health sector will receive USD 3.1 million and fight against narcotic drugs and AIDS will receive USD 4.6 million. Environment, Climate Change and natural disasters will receive USD 15.6 million.

Speaking at the Event, Mansoor M. Ali, UN’s Acting Resident Coordinator in the Maldives said that Maldives has achieved remarkable progress in achieving MDGs. Mansoor also said Maldives had already achieved 5 of the 8 MDGs and that he is hopeful of achieving the remaining three by 2015, deadline for achieving MDGs. Speaking in local language Mansoor also said that Maldives and UN shares a special bond.

Minister Ali Hashim thanked the UN on behalf of the government at the ceremony. He also said that some institutions are not performing as expected, and said that for the progress to be achieved all government and state institutions shall perform to its maximum.

Although as part of donor forum pledges UN alone has materialized USD 40.6 million, opposition DRP previously said that the donor forum only materialized “less than USD 20 million”.


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