Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Six tourists have cancelled following bombing in Sultan Park – MTPB

Six tourists have cancelled their trip to Maldives as a result of the explosion at the Sultan Park in Male’, the capital of Maldives, the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) has said.

Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal of the MTPB said that the tourists that had cancelled their trips to Maldives as a direct result of the bombing in Sultan Park were six Japanese tourists.

“Don’t know if there had been any other cancellations,” he said yesterday. “We are now collecting information from the resorts so the number might increase.”

The home-made bomb, referred by the Police as an improvised explosive device, that had been detonated at the Sultan Park on Saturday had caused severe burns to two tourists and left ten others injured. Those injured were from China, Britain and Japan.

“The repercussions of this will be bad,” Maleeh said. “We will only see the effects after 10 days or so. Now we are getting a clearer picture of what happened and the news reports are changing accordingly. They will think twice about cancelling now.”

Only one country, Australia, has issued a travel warning to tourists following the first terrorist attack on the tourism industry in the Maldives.

“They have just issued a warning advising travelers to be cautious,” Maleeh said. “No other country has issued such a warning.”

While the MTPB will closely monitor local and international news coverage of the attack, it will also monitor the tourist arrivals to the country for the next ten days or so.

The British honeymoon couple who were injured in the bomb blast are still receiving treatment at the ADK Hospital in Male’ for their burns. They have been receiving bouquets with attached ‘Get Well Soon’ cards and similar wishes by businesses, offices, schools and private parties.

Source: Haveeru

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