Sunday, August 26, 2007

Will Maldive be the new terror hub?

The twin blasts at Hyderabad shattered the calm of the city. This the second terrorist strike on the city in the last five months. Proof that the South has become a target for terror activities. As intelligence agencies pieced together the terror plot, a new route for militant activity has been revealed.

The route that starts from Pakistan to Male in Maldives and to the southern cities which have direct flights to Male. The Maldives is an Islamic state and recent evidence points to its traditional tolerant views being undermined.

President Abdul Gayoom is facing widespread opposition to his 29 year rule in 1998 helped by the Indian navy he overcame a coup but now as opposition mounts it is reported that he is using Islam to support his regime.

Some of the 52 madrassas set up under the president's patronage, have been linked to militant Islam in recent years. Human rights activist say the existence of luxurious holiday resorts Is helping radicals recruiting on the islands.

It is this that the militant oragnisations are using to target India as well. With Maldives offering easy entry to visitors Militant groups are able to send activists to Southern Indian cities via Maldives.

Intelligence reports suggest that even the LTTE is using Maldives to ferry arms, run drug smuggling, and send illegal migrants to work as spies. This could also present another threat to India.

For India this represents a new threat in the war against terror as traditional militant routes via Jammu and Kashmir and Nepal are identified. Those who target India are finding newer routes to get to its heart.

Source: Time Now India

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Anonymous said...

The Maldives is a radical Islamic society with liberal lifestyle. All Maldivian are proud Muslims with little tolerance for other religions. No religious literature/idol/TV channels/Programs other than Islam is allowed in Maldives.
Tourism being the backbone of Maldivian Economy, Govt. sponsored Islamic militant madarsas may not be there but definitely staunch Muslim Maldivians have soft corner for so called Jehadis.