Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jameel and Saeed resign from cabinet

Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed and Justice Minister Mohamed Jameel have resigned from the government in a massive blow for the reformist credentials of President Gayoom.

The two ministers have been in charge of drafting and enforcing laws since Gayoom appointed them to the cabinet in 2005, as part of the “New Maldives” group of reformist ministers.

But both men today said the President had obstructed reformist legislation. And, in a direct attack on the President, Jameel told the press, “I entered government to serve the whole country, not just one person. My conscience does not allow me stay in the cabinet.”

Justice Not Served

The resignations were submitted at 2.30pm this afternoon, and Saeed and Jameel arrived at Daabaurgue for a hastily arranged press conference just after 3.30pm.

“I have resigned because the reform agenda, which I joined the government for, has failed, and it is not appropriate for me to stay in the cabinet,” said Dr Saeed, who is considered the architect of the reform agenda, alongside Foreign Minister, Dr Shaheed.

Former Justice Minister Jameel was even more blunt: “Justice is not served in this country. The system works to protect the rights of the few.”
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Source: Minivan News

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