Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Maldives trip in Delhi...

It was the National Day of the Maldives and the celebrations were attended by many -- diplomats, celebrities and the Maldivian students studying in India .

A happening do:
This was yet another inter-national, inter-cultural do that saw guests from various countries get together to have a good time. On the occasion of the National Day of Maldives, its ambassador to India, Anbaree Abdul Sattar Adam, and his wife Ishusana Ahmed graciously welcomed guests to the celebrations.

With tasty Maldivian cuisine doing the rounds, guests had a great time catching up with each other.

Diplomatically yours :
Diplomats from various countries attended the party. South African ambassador Francis Moloi and his wife Misiwe were among the first to arrive. Misiwe, who was dressed in an orange shirt and traditional headgear, looked relaxed and told us she had just come back from a vacation. “I was away on a long holiday with my family to South Africa and the USA. In fact, we got back to India just last week,” she said.

Pretty faces :
Hadia Amr Saad and Sirena Hackerova caught many an eye at the gathering.

Curly-haired Hadia sported a smart brown dress, while Sirena’s straight blonde hair were the centre of much attention and many compliments. Sirena was accompanied by her father, Col Hacker, from the embassy of the Czech Republic. He looked quite dashing in his uniform, and the father and daughter made quite a photogenic pair.

Football-crazy :
Also present was a group of young students from the Maldives who study in India.
One of them, Shazeen, had cute curly hair and was enjoying himself with his bunch of friends. “I am crazy about football and my favourite is Ronaldinho,” he enthused. “I am studying medicine and intend to become an orthopaedic surgeon in the future,” he added.

A young father:
Col Hacker looked quite handsome in his uniform. Many were surprised to know that Sirena is his daughter. He grinned and said to a guest,“I feel proud to be a young, good-looking father.”

Source: Times of India

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