Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cape Verde Attracting Property Investors

More Brits are opting to holiday in Cape Verde rather than the Maldives, which is good news for property investors.

Destinations such as the Maldives are being disregarded more and more by people choosing to visit the similar but much closer paradise of the Cape Verde islands. More and more people are discovering the former Portuguese archipelago and last year saw 26.4% more tourists than during 2005.

The islands are also encouraging property investors. There is little chance for buying in the Maldives, but Cape Verde and its government are doing everything they can to encourage foreign buyers.

And it’s not just the travelling time that suits travellers from the UK to Cape Verde; the time difference is just one hour, whereas there’s a five hour difference in the Maldives. Not great for those who suffer from jet lag.

The Maldives is also a no-go zone for almost six months of the year due to the annual monsoon season, but tourists are attracted to Cape Verde year-round, so owners will be able to get almost constant occupancy of their property.

Activities on the islands include diving, bird watching, history, music, trekking, mountain biking, astronomy and botany to name but a few. Several championship golf courses are planned and the sandy beaches and clear waters also offer perfect conditions for sailing, surfing, wind and kite surfing, and fishing.

Purchasing your piece of paradise does not come with a huge price tag either; the average property price for a frontline four-bed villa in a Cape Verdean resort area is £403,495. Meanwhile the average two-bed apartment is only £94,149.

Source: Homes World Wide

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