Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Iranian Parliament bans UN rapporteur for human rights

The Iranian Parliament has banned the UN rapporteur for human rights
from visiting the country, MP Mohammad-Karim Abedi said, Iran.ru

The foreign minister of the Maldives, Ahmed Shahid, was appointed as
the special UN rapporteur for human rights on June 17.

The UN human rights council introduced the special rapporteur's
position on March 24, 2011. 22 votes were given for and 14 against the
initiative. The rapporteurs will make a report to the General

The chairman of the Iranian human rights committee said that the USA,
UK and Israel are violators of human rights themselves. Abedi made
particular mention of violations during the attack on the Gaza
Stripvin 2008-2009.

Source: http://vestnikkavkaza.net

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