Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kuramathi Island Resort wins TUI’S International Environment Award 2010

The Eco center at the Kuramathi Island resort is honored to receive the highly acclaimed international award - TUI's International Environment Award for the year 2010, making them the first winner in the Asia pacific region in the awards history.

The accolade comprises of prize money worth Euros 10,000 which is designed to stimulate & assist in continuation of sustainable development activities while building links with tourism.

Past prize winners to win this prestigious accolade included local environment initiatives from Turkey, Greece, Kenya, Canary Islands and Minorca, "Blue Flag" campaign conducted by the foundation for environment education (FEE), the international commission for the protection of the Alps CIPRA & the federation of National parks of Europe (EUROPARK).

The World of TUI has sustained model international environmental, landscape and nature protection activities since 1991. TUI's International Environment Award which was conferred for the first time in 1991, is presented to environmental and nature protection organizations or interregional initiatives which make contribution to the protection and maintenance of nature and the environment in world of TUI holiday destinations.

This prestigious award will be presented to Kuramathi Island resort on 19th January 2011.


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