Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clearford signs $40M sewer servicing contract in Maldives

The Ottawa-based water management system provider aims to partner with the government-owned Upper South Utilities Ltd. to improve the infrastructure and groundwater on 15 of the 1,000 islands, which lie just southwest of India. Clearford said there are only 12 islands with sanitary sewers right now.

Under the terms of the contract, the government of the Maldives will pay back Clearford over a 20-year period.

"The islands are coral and sand structures with a very porous nature, and as a result the ground water on the unserviced islands is often contaminated by onsite disposal of human sewage," Clearford stated.

"Due to this circumstance, residents on many of the islands rely upon both rainwater harvesting and commercially available bottled water as their sources of drinking and cooking water."

Clearford and USUL will work together for six months towards gaining financing, as well as creating a design and working on the implementation of the system.

Earlier in January, Clearford announced a $150,000 contract to install its patented Small Bore Sewer System, which can clean up even small amounts of water, in a community near Orillia.

In its third-quarter results released Nov. 26, Clearford saw its net loss widen to $530,038 or $0.01 per share from $466,968 or $0.02 last year.

Source: http://www.obj.ca

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