Saturday, September 29, 2007

First-ever bomb blast in the Maldives

Colombo - A bomb exploded at the entrance to a recreation park in the Maldives, wounding at least 12 foreign tourists on Saturday, a government official said.

The homemade bomb exploded outside Sultan Park in the capital, Male, leaving 12 people, including two Britons with burn injuries, government spokesperson Mohamed Shareef said.

"The Maldives has never had something like this before. We are taking this very seriously because tourism is our life blood," Shareef said. - Sapa-AP


Adam Moses said...

In contrast to what is continuosly expressed and taught, Islam arrived in Maldives not peacefully. To clearly understand what happened in Maldives on the arrival of Islam, one has also to read the records of Muslim atrocities in India and beyond.The genocide of the Hindhu-Buddhist people on the Indian sub-continent and south asia by the Muslim invaders is still the biggest killing spree in all human history. Islam gained a foothold on the the people of these islands through violence and terror. To maintain this strangehold it will continue to practise violence.
To find a peaceful solution to the problem what is required first is intellectual honesty. We must stop reciting and repeating what is clearly not true. A good starting point would be to admit the people did not convert peacefully but were murdered and terrorised into submission.

Shihab said...

Dear Adam,

I shall respect your point of view, but let me put forth the following:

Isn't it pre-emptive judgement to blame all of it on the Islamic Faith. Islam is a way of life, not necessarily the way of living practised by anyone who calls himself a Muslim.

And please consider that standing up against the Israeli terror, as you have suggested in your weblog thru Maldives Culture, is not necessarily wrong. (Ref: no. 2 of the seven danger signs)

Extremisms and intolerance that leads to disruption of human coexistence is wrong. It has to be stopped. But that doesn't mean Islam has to be ridiculed. It has to have its fair share of fairness.

Why is that democracy only considers the rights and dignity of some over others.

Akal said...

If I am not mistaken, Maldivians were Buddhists before they converted to Islam in the 10th century.