Friday, September 14, 2007

Aviation boosts Cape Verde tourism

The introduction of direct flights to Cape Verde has made the group of islands an increasingly popular holiday spot, experts have stated.

Homes Worldwide said that since direct flights between the UK and Cape Verde were introduced in 2006, it has grown in stature as a tourist destination.

The archipelago, located off the west coast of Africa, was said to be attracting a growing number of tourists at the expense of other popular areas, such as the Maldives.

According to Homes Worldwide, the region is now accessible from the UK in approximately five and a half hours.

The site commented: "It is beginning to steal significant numbers of visitors away from the likes of the Maldives because of its improved accessibility."

Cape Verde was said to have "strong tourist appeal", which was also partly attributed to the growing range of facilities in the region.

Earlier this week, Emerging Real Estate said it had "huge expectations" for the property market in Cape Verde, due to its appeal among investors.

Source: Property Showrooms

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