Thursday, February 22, 2007

Actor Iqbal honeymooned in Maldives to avoid embarrassment

I Honeymooned in Maldives -

Mumbai, Feb 19 (IANS) Television artist Iqbal Khan surprisingly chose not to honeymoon at any of those exotic spots that his new bride Sneha selected on the net because he was not sure he will get a visa.

"After the experience I went through some months ago who knows how the immigration authorities would've reacted to my name," Iqbal told IANS.

The actor, who was seen in series like "Kyun Hota Hai Pyarr" and "Karam Apna Apna", referred to his humiliating experience with the American consulate which rejected his visa plea some months ago arguing that his name suggested terrorist links.

"I'd rather not think about these things. There're enough holiday spots in our own country for my wife and me. We had a week of bliss in the Maldives. And our honeymoon is still on since I'm not working. [Read More]

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