Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Maldives President condemns calls for foreign intervention

Asserting that government is making preparations to ensure a smooth transfer of power, Maldivian President Mohammed Waheed today condemned calls for foreign military intervention in the country amid political chaos.

In his address to the nation, Waheed accepted that country has been pushed into "chaos" following a Supreme Court order suspending the first round of elections.

"I strongly condemn calls for foreign military interventions in the Maldives and to interfere in domestic affairs of the country. We are not intimidated by such calls. We are prepared to save the country from such foreign parties that may attempt to interfere in the powers of the state," Waheed said.

The President said everyone in the country is looking forward to the elections to be held as soon as possible and the candidate elected to assume the presidency on November 11.

"I give my full assurance that the government will do everything possible to achieve this target. This government is making necessary preparations to ensure a smooth transfer of power," he said.

Waheed said the country has so far overcome difficult political situations, by working peacefully and patiently.

"I am confident that we can resolve the current issue and complete the election process." Waheed, who could muster only five per cent of the votes in the first round, said.

The President reminded the Maldivian people, especially political leaders, that every moment of discord and disharmony amongst Maldivians opens a door for foreign intervention in domestic issues.

"Even though our independent institutions are young and imperfect, they are the institutions of this country. When we disrepute and dishonour those institutions, foreign parties giving opinions in place of those institutions, is not a far-fetched possibility," he warned.

Maldivian Democratic Party leader Mohammed Nasheed, who led the first round with over 45 per cent votes, has to face in the second round the Progressive Party of Maldives candidate Abdullah Yameen who was the runner up in the first phase held on September 7.

The second round of the Presidential run-off between former President Nasheed and Yameen had to take place on September 28 but it was indefinitely postponded by the Supreme Court which is hearing allegations of irregularity in the polls.


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