Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maldives’ opposition denies charges

Leader of the Maldivian opposition, People’s Alliance Party, Abdulla Yameen vehemently denied the Maldivian Government’s charge that the Opposition created the current political crisis.
The Maldivian Cabinet comprising 13 ministers resigned last Tuesday, claiming Parliament was not cooperating, and the government levelled bribery charges against the opposition. However, this was a “false allegation conjured by President Mohamed Nasheed to cover up his weakness to govern with democracy;” Yameen who was the Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation during former President Gayoom’s administration alleged yesterday speaking to The Nation.
“The President’s inability to digest democratic values” has resulted in jeopardising the Government in Maldives, endangering public safety and welfare, he further noted.

As he explained, the rift between the President and the ministers has stemmed from the former’s decision to elect a body under his unanimous decision in endorsing a Public Finance Act, undermining the approval of Parliament. Contradicting the AFP reports that Parliament is led by the Opposition, he asserted that the ministers quit Parliament because the Constitution was not being properly adhered to.

As The Nation learns, he was under house confinement together with another opposition leader. Yameen told that the ruling Government had ordered the arrest of seven more MPs by 3:00 p.m. yesterday. “We have not been asked a single investigative question until now. If we are at fault, legal action should be taken against us. Instead, the President is resorting to violence,” he alleged. Asked about the future course of actions, the three main opposition parties were in a coalition, the former minister said, but they were not taking any action against the Government. The President’s “madness” and Government are “causing all the trouble,” he added.


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