Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Israel and Maldives move to normalize relations

As a first step, cooperation agreements were signed in the fields of tourism, health, and education and culture.

On Thursday, September 24, in New York, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman and his counterpart from the Republic of Maldives signed three cooperation agreements in the fields of tourism, health, and education and culture.

Bilateral ties between the two countries have been put on hold for several years, and these agreements are considered a first step towards normalizing the relationship.

Source: mfa.gov.il


maldivesresortworkers said...

Democracy is not about blabbering democracy democracy all the time. Democracy is about showing democratic action. Is Israel up to this? What about the settlers only roads? What about the apartheid walls they are constructing? What about consistent denial of wrong doing i recent Gaza war when UN, Amnesty International, Red cross and everyone else says war crimes have been committed?

Shaamil said...

President Nasheed has betrayed all Muslims. He said that its a conflict between the Arabs. Basically what he said was "It's not our concern, its theirs!". If all Muslims are like one body, then president Nasheed openly said that he has nothing to do with that body. The Message is clear, isn't it.