Friday, May 15, 2009

WB approves four new projects for Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Maldives

The World Bank Wednesday approved four new projects to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Pakistan. World Bank will provide support to modernize transport services in Pakistan. A US$25 million IDA credit is aimed to help Pakistan improve its trade and transport logistics.

The Second Trade and Transport Facilitation Project will provide technical advisory services to help implement the National Trade Corridor Improvement Program (NTCIP), a comprehensive Government program designed to significantly cut the cost and time of exporting and importing goods. The program encompasses services, infrastructure, reforms and investments in highways, trucking, ports and maritime transport, air transport, railways, and trade facilitation. The WB will grant US$75 million to Afghanistan to help improve local governance at grassroots level and build rural infrastructure.

The additional grant will support the continuation of Afghanistan`s National Solidarity Program (NSP), which is part of the government’s broader effort to forge national unity and rebuild Afghanistan from the bottom up.

To Bangladesh, the WB will extend US$62.20 million IDA credit designed to improve urban air quality through measures that will cut emissions in key polluting sectors such as transport and brick making. The Clean Air and Sustainable Environment Project will provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Environment and Forest to improve air quality monitoring in Bangladesh and through implementation of initiatives in urban transport will provide safe and better mobility in Dhaka.

It will also introduce cleaner technologies, in the very polluting brick manufacturing sector. These energy efficient new technologies will reduce energy consumption and lower air pollution, hence improving overall environmental quality.

The WB will give US$3.8 million credit to Maldives to assist the government to revitalize its pension system and provide additional social protection programs under a new implementing authority.

The system to be introduced under the Pension and Social Protection Administration Project will strengthen the capacity for implementing the new pension program by: (a) strengthening capacity for policy analysis and legal framework; (b) institution and capacity building for project implementation; and (c) co-financing for the Public Accounting System (PAS)


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