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Maldives: Appeal No. MAAMV001 - Annual report 2008

In a world of global challenges, continued poverty, inequity, and increasing vulnerability to disasters and disease, the International Federation – with its global network – works to accomplish its Global Agenda, partnering with local community and civil society to prevent and alleviate human suffering from disasters, diseases and public health emergencies.

In brief

Programme purpose: All 2008 programmes were focused on creating the environment for a local national society to be established and begin its work.

Programmes summary: The tsunami recovery programmes provided an opportunity for Red Cross Red Crescent work to be visible to the Maldivian community: thus, establishing goodwill and better understanding about its humanitarian nature. This understanding opened the way to support the formation of a Maldivian national society, a process which has been going on since September 2005. The International Federation continued supporting the interim planning group (IPG), which was tasked to steer the Maldivian Red Crescent formation process; a Red Crescent Bill was submitted to the People's Majlis [parliament] in November 2008.

Implementation of disaster management programme activities progressed well on all the 11 targeted islands. Specifically, community-based disaster management (CBDM), vulnerability capacity assessment (VCA) and first aid trainings were facilitated. Target island communities drew up emergency contingency and disaster risk reduction plans. First aid and sea search and rescue trainings were delivered to community volunteers while first aid training was also conducted for interested organizations, resorts and companies.

Collaboration with the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) resulted in the approval of new International Federation-produced guidelines for island disaster management mobilization and organization. The collaboration also promoted the participation of NDMC in the development of a CBDM training manual for government officers.

Promotion of the Fundamental Principles, humanitarian values, and the mandate of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement was also prioritized in the first half of the year. This included creating awareness on the role the Maldivian Red Crescent will be playing once it becomes operational. Exposition of the Principles and values formed an integral part of all programmes.

Financial situation: The initial budget for 2008 was CHF 1,683,000 (USD 1,595,700 or EUR 1,125,000). It was later reduced to CHF 228,265 (USD 216,400 or EUR 152,600), which was 100 per cent covered. The revision was done because activities implemented during the first half of the year were funded through the tsunami recovery operation since funding for Appeal 2008-2009 came during the second quarter of 2008. This also took into consideration that a local national society had not been formally constituted by end 2008. Total expenditure for the year was CHF 224,241 (USD 212,600 or EUR 149,900).

No. of people we help: Appeal 2008-2009 programmes reached over 24,000 beneficiaries during 2008. This number is expected to increase over the coming year as the Maldivian Red Crescent will target to reach to a quarter of the Maldivian population – approximately 75,000 people.

Our partners: The National Disaster Management Centre, Ministry of Atolls Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ministry of Youth, island authorities, American Red Cross, British Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, French Red Cross, Hong Kong branch of the Red Cross Society of China, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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